The schools provide uniforms once paid for by the parent to every child admitted to bring about uniformity. The colours of our school uniforms are sea green for shorts/skirts and Light cream shirts/blouses. Uniforms made out of the school may lead to deference in designs, color and material. Paying the complete uniform fee your child will be provided with:

  • 2 pair of shirt and shorts, 1 pair of games kit and a sweater (for boys)
  • 2 pair of shirts and skirts, 1 pair of games kit and a sweater (for girls)
  • Only white head scuffs/veils are required for religious reasons of which the parents will provide.
  • Only black leather shoes and white socks are required of which the parents will provide.
  • The school will provide all the necessary stationery except textbooks; a child needs to carry only an empty school bag.
  • No child is required to come to school with MONEY or any kind of valuable items like jewelery (Earrings, bungles and toys)in addition to that necklaces, rings, painted nails or complicated/fashionable hair cut/plait are NOT allowed at all.