Our Admission Procedure:

The potential candidate should first obtain the application form which can be downloaded from our website.
The application form should then be dully completed and submitted to our admission office.

  • After the application has been received it will then be processed and the after the candidate student ( In case of a Primary School Applicant) will be interviewed.
  • For Nursery School applicants, admission will be based on availability, so we encourage parents to make early applications for their children.
  • For Primary School Applicants, if the candidate student passes the interview, he / she will be sent an admission letter with further instructions of how to proceed.

As a co-educational school, we endeavor to seek a balance of boys and girls in enrollments. A number of factors are taken into consideration when selecting students for enrollment. These include (but are not limited to):

  • weather your child has passed the interview.

To get our application forms for both Nursery and Primary Schools, welcome to Littlewood school premises or you can call these numbers for more information:

                        i)  +255 715 018 747 

                        ii) +255 763 712 902

                       iii) +255 716 312 255

                       iv) +255 622 302 250