Complete school fees shall be paid at the start of the academic year/ term.

  1. There is NO refund of any fee once payment is made due to holidays, sickness or any other type of absence, including withdrawing from the school after commencement of the school academic year/ term.
  2. All types of fees shall be paid in FULL on the commencing date of the academic year/ term and are not refundable once payment is made.Otherwise your child will NOT be allowed in class without complete payment of fees.


  1. Interview fee covers the supervision and the interview tests.
  2. Caution fee IS refundable ONLY when your child has completed the primary education course in our school without causing any damage to any of the school property.
  3. Uniforms charges include 2pairs of official outfits, 1 pair of games kit and I sweater.
  4. A parent should provide a pair of school black shoes and plain white socks
  5. First aid fee is NOT refundable and does not include/ cover medical bills
  6. Stationery includes only exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and colours NOT text books.
  7. Transport service is OPTIONAL.