The institution being a Day & Boarding Nursery and primary school, we provide breakfast for boarders at 6:30 am, day break at 10:00 am in the morning and well balanced-delicious lunch at 1:00 pm and supper for boaders at 6:30 pm, as well as safe cool boiled water throughout the day. Therefore NO food/bites/drinks are allowed in school.


The school has modern and safe playing facilities for both young and older pupils.Such as slide, hanging bars, swings, seesaw balance, climbing ladders, turning wheels and may more.


We provide a safe and comfortable transport service within the city.However, transport service is OPTIONAL and only provided along the main roads not in the interior.This is to ensure that children reach at school and home in time and safely. The cost of transport service is flat rated regardless of distance from school. The cost of transport MUST be paid in full and at the beginning of the academic quarter/term.